Acting On Camera

Develop your acting skills

Acting 'On Camera' is a particular skill, quite different from live performance. Different again, is acting for film or high-end drama. These intensive courses are designed to give actors, the industry knowledge needed, to achieve their best performance in front of the camera.

Each course accommodates 6 people, so there's plenty of time to ask questions and work on individual needs.  Whatever course you decide is right for you and your level of expertise, you'll be walking away with lots of useful information from a professional director with on-going TV and film production experience.

Show off your acting skills

If you've never been hired for a TV or film acting job, you probably don't have 'set' experience or any showreel material to show off your skills. Each course will provide you with at least one piece of professionally produced showreel material. This will help you secure the future acting roles you want, so you can keep building your showreel.

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