PUPPETS are a funny place to start a journey in TV and film. It gives you the experience of working in front of camera, but also the opportunity to study other performers, almost unseen.

I've had the good fortune to work with so many incredible actors and performers like Michael Caine, (the late) Robin Williams, Tony Curtis and even The Spice Girls. No one will remember me (the puppet guy) but it helped me to see what makes these great talents tick. Below is a (very) old showreel of mine, apologies- you'll notice the footage wasn't de-interlaced.

Some of my TV and film puppet credits are:

The Muppet Christmas Carol & Muppet Treasure Island

Spitting Image

Noel's House Party

Plus a dozen BBC shows like, Live and Kicking, Little Green Planet Show, Artragious, & For Amusement Only

One fun and fond memory is making the OZMO language course for (what was) BBC Worldwide. I like to think out there are millions of children learning English...with just a bit of Black Country dialect thrown in!


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