Showreel Session 10/4/18

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A simple and relaxed way to record acting pieces and build your showreel. Help producers and casting directors see you in their next project.

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A showreel is a visual CV that helps directors, producers and casting directors see you, and the quality of your work. If you don’t have any showreel or filmed material to ‘show’, then it can hinder your chances of getting acting roles, no matter how good you are.

These Showreel Sessions are an opportunity to record showreel pieces either:

  • For a particular role, you’re auditioning for
  • To begin showing off your skills on screen

Unlike our other sessions, there is no theory and discussion, just 3 hours for 6 people to record their best work on camera. You’ll be working with a professional director, who will help and advise on each piece.

Here is one video audition, which secured the actor a role in a short film:



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