Pocket Pictures Ltd

In the past I’ve produced feature films and short films under a number of different company names. But now I’ve decided to stick with just one – Pocket Pictures Ltd. If the company has a mission statement it’s to be outragiously creative with the amazing range of technology that is available to film makers right now.

So what's on the slate?

Suicide Blonde – Short Film

This short film is written and directed by David L. Knight. Suicide Blonde is a grim look at the night-life a seemingly out of control party girl Sarah. Pocket Pictures has been responsible for the post production and grading of the film (Da Vinci Resolve), while the audio soundtrack is being produced by Matt Shaw.


The Reapers – Online Series

Spike Breakwell is a writer, bass player and singer in the rock band The Reapers. The 6 part series looks behind a very thin veil of sanity to reveal the insanity that is rock and roll, Luton style. Undercover cops, illegal viagra and a tour of North Korea beckon as the band prepares for their new album and a place in the spotlight.


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