Pocket Pictures Ltd

In the past I’ve produced feature films and short films under a number of different company names. But now I’ve decided to stick with just one – Pocket Pictures Ltd. If the company has a mission statement it’s to be outragiously creative with the amazing range of technology that is available to film makers right now.

So what's on the slate?

The Crooked House – Feature Film

Our first feature film project under the Pocket Pictures banner is The Crooked House. A fictional story based around a real bar/restaurant, the film combines the elements of paranormal horror with an underlying buddy movie.

The Reapers – Online Series

Spike Breakwell is a writer, bass player and singer in the rock band The Reapers. The 6 part series looks behind a very thin veil of sanity to reveal the insanity that is rock and roll, Luton style. Undercover cops, illegal viagra and a tour of North Korea beckon as the band prepares for their new album and a place in the spotlight.


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