Online and TV Series

With online content rapidly converging with TV output, a majority of my 'series' work has been for online projects lately. Here are a selection of my favourites with a brief outline.


The Haunted Kingdom

Created for The Black Country Legends exhibition. A fascinating series of films looking at some of the famously haunted places in the Black Country. (6 x 5 mins)


Idaten Jump

Created for Hasbro/Cartoon Network, Idaten Jump was a US animation series adapted from a popular Japanese manga series.  (52 x 15 minutes)


Digital Rebels

Created for the BBC in 1999, the Digital Rebels followed the exploits of a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists. (13 x 5 minutes)


Biz To Biz TV

This was my first live-streamed show. Business news and features with presenters Rosie Wells and Ali DeFoy. (30 x 15 mins)

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