David Fincher and the art of film deception

David FincherI have a love/hate relationship with director David Fincher’s films. As much as I love films like The Game, I hated Alien 3 and had story issues with Seven [I know, I’m a heathen].

But one thing which has always struck me about his films, is the level of dedication that he has for details, which his audience will ultimately take for granted.


Filmmakers may be aware of the extensive work done on Zodiac to retro-renovate San Francisco, but most people didn’t flinch when they saw twin Armie Hammer’s in Social Media. Both were equally well executed and most likely taken for granted by a majority of the audience members. However, they establish Mr Fincher as a major player in the subtle art of cinematic deception.

Here is a great film I found on Rocketstock which give you a few highlights of his work.


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