Can videos help in conflict resolution?


For years people have been saying that TV and film contributes to the deliquency of viewers. So…we thought that we should help turn the tide a little.

Pocket Pictures is currently working with acclaimed mediator, Jane Gunn, on a training series dealing with conflict resolution.


The lovely thing about working with someone who really knows their stuff is that, as a director, all you really have to do is guide a little. Not only is the creative journey easier, but it also becomes greater than the sum of the parts.

These creative journeys also have some fun and unexpected perks, like the fact that Jane appears to be very much at home in the glare of the Telsen Studio lights. Plus she is a natural when asked to read direct from an Autocue.

It would be easy to think that any training in mediation would be dry and heavy going, but Jane’s easy style, makes the material light work even, dare I say it, fun.

Technically, we’re using a fairly simple setup, a single AG AC160 with Atomos Ninja 2 recorder and just three crew (myself, cinematographer Alex Dewhirst and production assistant Rebecca Duckerin).

So, the next time someone tells you TV makes people agressive, let them know that Jane Gunn and Pocket Pictures are doing their part to redress the balance.

Thanks for reading and as usual feel free to emcontact me with any questions;


Written by Mark Alexander Todd

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