Mi Place

Hello and welcome to Mi Place.

I'm Mark Alexander Todd a writer, director and filmmaker.

One important thing you should know about me, I consider myself a lucky person - I've worked for 30 years in an industry I love. I now enjoy working on a variety of digital film projects, producing everything from feature films to corporate videos. My work takes me around the UK and sometimes (when budgets allow) around the world.

All this sounds like a dating profile...but you have come here I guess to find out about me and what I do (??) so, I'll continue.

I continue to enjoy a variety of creative roles, most recently working with actors on my Acting On Camera courses.

I always enjoy meeting and working with creative people and regularly do live talks at universities and colleges. I also mentor new-comers to the business through MediaTrust.

This is an exciting time to create beautiful looking films and videos without the need for a feature film budget. But high quality production tech is useless without imagination and creativity, and that's where I fit in.

So, I hope our creative paths will cross soon and if you're just passing, check out my blog In Mi Experience.

Enjoy the site.

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